Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Stop smoking through hypnosis and self-hypnosis:

Hypnotic suggestion is the easiest and in many cases the only way to stop smoking. It is completely safe and medically approved.

Hypnosis is pleasant. It is a state of concentration like daydreaming, fascinated reading, absorption in music, or your favourite soap! Your conscious mind or willpower is relatively weak. It changes continuously.

It creates many excuses why you should not stop. It says to you:

“You’ve been smoking too long to stop, you deserve at least a small pleasure, you don’t really smoke so much, you’ll gain weight if you stop, you can cut down instead, you can switch to filter tips instead. I’ve tried everything and can’t stop and so on and so on.”

However, your subconscious mind is strong it has a great ability to create positive change.

Once it is set on a certain course of action it rarely lets you vary from it. In order for you to stop smoking you can tap into the great power of your subconscious mind. You convince your subconcious mind that you no longer smoke and that stopping is good for you.

The subconscious mind works at maintaining what you tell it you are.

If it thinks you’re a smoker, because you tell yourself you are, then you keep on smoking.
If you keep telling yourself that you have already quit eventually you will never have another cigarette.
The only truly effective way to reach your subconscious mind… is through hypnosis and all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


Within 8 hours
• carbon monoxide level drops in your body

• oxygen level in your blood increases to normal
Within 48 hours

• your chances of having a heart attack start to go down

• the sense of smell and taste begin to improve
Within 72 hours

• bronchial tubes relax making breathing easier

• lung capacity increases
Within 2 weeks to 3 months

• circulation improves
Within 3 months

• lung functioning increases up to 30 percent
Within 6 months

• coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness and shortness of breath improve
Within 1 year

• risk of smoking-related heart attack is cut in half
Within 10 years

• risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half
Within 15 years

• risk of dying from a heart attack is equal to a person who never smoked.

Did You Know That YOU Get 300 Times
More Carbon Monoxide From One Cigarette
Than You Do From Standing 5 Minutes & Breathing Car Exhaust Fumes.


Hypnosis is Completely Safe!

Don’t want to QUIT—Hypnosis will not help!

Want to QUIT—Hypnosis is great in helping you to STOP Smoking!

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