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A study has found that having to cope with stressful tasks can reduce a person's mental faculties to those of a small child.

People who think they perform better under pressure are deluded, according to the scientists. In reality, acute stress lowered the brain's ability to think critically and make practical decisions.

Two groups of 100 volunteers took part in simple tests with one completing a series of stress-inducing tasks before and in-between trials. Results "overwhelmingly" showed the stressed participants were more likely to make a wrong decision, choose a wrong answer, or react emotionally based on a gut feeling

Such traits were similar to those seen in small children, who tend to respond emotionally to problems they find difficult to understand, instead of arriving at a considered logical solution, said the researchers.

Neuroscientist Dr David Lewis, director of the independent UK-based research company Mindlab, which carried out the study for healthcare providers Brenenden Health, said:

"When stressed, the focus of our attention tends to narrow and, if associated with strong emotions, we tend to act less rationally on occasions."

Source: Irish Independent

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It is very important that you take responsibility for noticing the signs that your system is overloaded rather than having to sit with the pain of the situation, place or event; or having to contain the frustration or having to cope with situations in which you feel drained or emotionally inadequately unprepared for.

We encourage you to get the support whether it be from Ray or Aisling at Accomplish Change or someone else to help you, not only to deal with the symptoms of anxiety that are emerging within you but also to tackle the cause. If you ignore the stress symptoms for too long then you are in danger of being overwhelmed and being left In a situation that is often referred to as ‘burn-out’.

 "It's not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it"Hans Selye, pioneer researcher

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