Stress Less Achieve More ways

Let's be honest!

Work is not always easy. Whether you're employed or your own boss, you got pressure to deliver. Today, that usually means higher demands, in less time, and with more distractions.
You try to keep up, so you do more work. But no matter how much you do, it never seems to be enough. So, the stress kicks in.

If you want to break this vicious cycle, these tips from Maria Stenvinkel will help you to stress less and achieve more.

1. Acceptance is key
In order to stress less and achieve more, we need to first accept what is. Stress comes from wanting something to be different. So, acknowledge and surrender to your current situation and then deal with it from a calm and grounded place.

2. Less is more
You have to prioritise what's important, and understand that the tasks you don't work on are as important as the tasks that you do. Write a list every night of your top priorities for the next day and focus on that list.

3. Multitasking kills excellence
Phones, tablets, computers constantly screaming for our attention, staying focused can be difficult. But, quality implies attention. So do what you need to center your focus: turn off social media, close your email & set up a "don't disturb" sign by your desk.

4. Faster and busier isn't better
We fool ourselves by thinking that productivity comes from busyness. But, faster isn't better and busier doesn't mean excelling. Focus on quality, not quantity. Ask yourself, "How can I lighten my workload? What can I stop doing to free up more time?"

5. Trying less is usually the answer
What do you do when you're overwhelmed or stressed? Probably, you try harder. But, trying harder often just blocks us from the insights or solutions we desire. When you are relaxed and stress-free, your mind works better. So, schedule regular breaks and make sure you keep them.

6. Happiness fuels success
Studies prove (and people like billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson confirm) that happiness fuels success and performance-not the other way around. So, focus first on your mood and then take action.

7. Life is no straight highway
Day and night, winter and summer, yin and yang - life is full of contrasts. We make ourselves a big disfavour by thinking that we can perform at the same level every day. Don't beat yourself up when you're not at your top. Instead, be gentle with yourself and embrace your natural rhythm.

8. Meditation improves your productivity
Meditation lowers stress levels, improves creative thinking, optimism & productivity. There's no coincidence that successful people such as Arianna Huffington, Jack Canfield and Russell Simmons meditate. So, give yourself 15 minutes per day to quiet your mind.

9. Others can do work for you
Understand and accept your limitations. Then focus on what you do best and give the rest to someone else. Collaborate with colleagues, find partners or hire people who can do that work for you. Find someone who loves doing what you don't enjoy.

10. Presence is your gateway to intelligence
How often are you at home, thinking about work problems? Or in a meeting, pondering what to eat for dinner? Only when we are in the same place physically and mentally, can we allow a greater perspective to come in. Presence is what enables us to receive new (and brilliant) ideas.

11. You never get it done
Realise there will always be more work. It's never ending. So, you need to set boundaries and know when it's time to stop. Ask yourself, "How would I treat someone I love deeply?" Be that person for yourself.

Choose the Future You Desire

Overwhelmed, by constant to do's.
Tired, of never having enough time.
Scared, that if you slow down things will fall apart.

Choose to let this be a part of your past - not your future.

Only one person can change your life, and that person is you. So, show up for yourself. Look at the list above and make the necessary changes to steer your life in a desirable direction.

The stress-free life you desire doesn't happen by chance, it happens by choice.

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