Stress and Mental Health In The Work Place

Stress In The Work Place

Half of Irish companies consider stress and mental health in workplace to be high priority – Aware

New research from Aware, the national organisation that provides support, education and information on depression and related conditions, shows that half of Irish businesses consider stress and mental health a priority in their workplace, yet 84pc do not have a wellness policy or wellness programme in place.

With approx. 1.9 million people in employment in Ireland, Aware is urging companies to prioritise mental health and wellness in the workplace in 2015.

Aware runs a series of Wellness@Work education and training programmes for employees and managers, which are now available nationwide.?

The research from Aware also revealed that management in one in 10 companies are currently concerned about the mental health of a work colleague. Concern about the mental health of colleagues is more prevalent among management of larger companies (one in seven) and those working in the public sector (one in six).?

Furthermore, business owners say employees are far more likely to open up about work-related (55pc), financial (48pc) or physical health issues (31pc) than mental health, with only 18pc of companies being approached about a personal mental health issue.

“Mental health is a key issue in the workplace and probably the majority of senior managers working in Ireland have at some point been concerned about the wellbeing of a colleague,” said Dominic Layden, Aware CEO.


Stress that is not discharged stays within the body and can emerge as physical, mental or emotional symptoms. It is important to know your own tendencies for responding to stress, so you can be alert to the build-up of tension within you.

“There can be a real fear about how best to tackle the issue and Aware wants companies to understand that prioritising wellness at work has benefits for all. Source: Karina Corbett

It’s so easy to get caught in a cycle of negative stress making us less effective which gives us more stress.
We become stressed and overly burdened by the work when we absorb more disturbance, distress and disease from our work load, colleagues, than we are able to process and let go of.

It is very important that you take responsibility for noticing the signs that your system is overloaded vs.  having to sit with the pain of the situation, place or event; or having to contain the frustration or having to cope with situations in which you feel undertrained , drained or emotionally inadequately unprepared for.

We encourage you to get the support whether it be from Aware, Ray or Aisling at Accomplish Change or some one else to help you not only to deal with the symptoms of stress that are emerging within you, but also to tackle the cause of the stress. The earlier this is done the better. If you ignore the stress symptoms for too long then you are in danger of being overwhelmed and being left In a situation that is often referred to as ‘burn-out’.

At Accomplish Change Clinic in Dublin we use a proven range of techniques and therapies that will help you, to de-stress  and accomplish the change you need in your life.

The first step in empowering yourself is simple, just call us now on 01-2986507

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