Stress Over Health and Wellbeing

Irish employees report increased stress over health, well-being

The Irish times reported a study on stress levels in the workforce in Ireland and found the following results from a survey of 502 people.

64% experienced a reduction in concentration
59% were dissatisfied with their jobs
82% Increased personal stress related to health, financial well-being
59% were concerned about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle while holding down work
54% worried about not being able to pay their bills, provide for family if an illness or death became present
51% were worried about not having enough savings for retirement
44 % said stress and anxiety was leading to a decline in productivity

The study also indicates that STRESS Levels in Ireland are markedly higher than in the UK

“Irish employees are clearly suffering from the burden of increased stress and worry that is damaging their ability to concentrate and deliver the best results for their employer. Across all life stages and ages, employees’ personal worries about health and financial security are having a dramatic effect on how they operate at work. If employees are worried, distracted, not as healthy as they could be, then they are not as engaged as they could be either,” said Mercer partner Niall O’Callaghan.

  • Men expressed concerns on the impact of stress and experiencing lower motivation than women.
  • Women reported stress had an overall impact on health.
  • Women are more open to seeking and receiving advice on how to be healthier than men.

Source: Full Report  Irishtimes

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