Stress Reduction Tips

Stress  and How to Self Heal and be a Friend to Your Self

Spend time with friends: - Make time for that cup of coffee, rather than oh, we must meet for that coffee someday!!
Studies have shown that people in loving, supportive social networks do much better health-wise than those who isolate themselves.

Listen to music: - Music is great for the soul and it calms down the nervous system. Even taking 5 minutes out to listen to your favourite track can help soothe the adrenals!  

Move… walk...cycle… run…  set the clock for 10 minutes go one way and then after 10 minutes turn back , before you know it you will have 20 minutes clocked up!
These few minutes outdoors in nature are a great way of calming the nervous system.

Animated Movies: Watching cartoons is a fantastic way of calming down the conscious mind from analysing, worrying, overthinking too much!!  Time to get your hands on Ice Age!

Breathing: At least once a day, step out into the fresh air and take one minute to take five deep breaths. This will fire up the Parasympathetic system so the body can calm and heal its self.

Practice saying NO:- if you are one of those people who can’t say “NO” write yourself a prescription to say “no” in your mind and use it next time someone asks you to do something that you do not want to do. Then use this time to do something that makes you happy!!

Gratitude: - Write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for, they can be as simple as “thank you for a great night’s sleep, thank you for providing me with a park right beside my house.

Time out for YOU: - make some quite time for yourself- time free from busyness.
Read a favourite novel, sit in the garden embracing sounds around you, have a soothing bath and light a candle, sit quietly in a peaceful place.     

Emotions that are consuming: - sort it out sooner than later, as unresolved emotions will drain every last drop of your energy reserves resulting in burn out or the Infamous words “I have nothing left to give”!  “I have no energy left”
Ideally get in touch with someone who will help you move through your emotions quickly without having to relive every single detail of your life and where it went wrong and what you could have done better. EFT is a great way of resolving emotions quickly and permanently

Most of all be gentle with yourself
You would be amazed how these few suggestions can help restore your energy reserves in a few months which are vital for your adrenals and your overall health and well-being.

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