Are you suffering Rushing Woman's Syndrome?

1 You love coffee to the point you feel deprived if you cannot get your  daily fix.

2 Often answer "so busy" or "stressed" when someone asks how you are.

3 You tend to crave sugar, particularly mid-afternoon or close to menstruation.

4 You feel overwhelmed often and can feel a sense of panic easily. You can feel your heart racing even when you are sitting still. You often feel like you are running on adrenalin.

5 You feel tired but wired.

6 You never feel like there are enough hours in the day. While trying to achieve as much as possible you can catch yourself checking emails in the bathroom, at traffic lights, or late at night.

7 You sleep too little and often can't sleep restoratively (deep sleep). You often find yourself compromising sleep to get jobs done later at night.

8 You spend no time in solitude, feel there is no time for self, and believe these things to be selfish or a luxury you just don't have time for.

9 You have a to-do list that is never, ever all crossed off, and this bothers you.

10 You often go to guilt as a common emotional pattern. You beat yourself up for not being a good enough partner / wife /mother / friend.

Four Tips to turn Stress to Success!

1 Next time you experience stress response (racing heart, fast breathing), tell yourself it's a positive reaction, a sign that your body is getting ready to deal with a challenge.

2 Reach out to other people in times of stress. This releases more of the hormone oxytocin which helps heart cells regenerate and heal from stress damage.

3 Help other people. A study of 1,000 adults in the USA found that caring created resilience to stress.

4 Don't avoid stressful scenarios. "Avoiding discomfort is the world's worst strategy because it requires choosing discomfort," says McGonigal. "If you choose to avoid situations that make you anxious, you are choosing anxiety and strengthening anxiety's ability to control you."

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