Woman Stress vs Man Stress

Women Show More Signs of Stress Than Men

University of Gothenburg researchers distributed questionnaires to 627 female and 573 male students, and 870 female and 834 male computer workers.

During the four-year study, women scored higher than men on back and neck pain in a survey.

When the physical cause was removed what was left was symptoms of emotional distress.

Women at work are more likely to show more physical symptoms of stress because of the double shifts they had to perform, both at work or study and in their ‘primary’ role at home.

They found women showed the symptoms of stress more strongly than men and reported more neck and upper back pain across the range of occupations covered.

“They found that women will deal with the symptoms of stress far more than men.”

“Perceived stress was more common among the women than the men, and appeared to play more of a role in the development of neck pain in young women than in men.”

Professor Cary Cooper, at Lancaster University, said it was widely proven that stress could bring on neck and back pain.

He said: “There are people that show signs of back and neck pain that have nothing structurally wrong with them. What we find if you are stressed your whole body tenses up that leads to neck problems. They go to work like a man but then also come home and perform the primary role at home so face double pressure from those two roles which leads to the symptoms of stress.”

“Women are also more likely to recognise the symptoms of stress and admit to back and neck pain than men who would be more likely to bury it.

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