Sleep Support

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Accumulated stress can play a key factor in sleeplessness which we all experience through different stages of our lives. Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning will help you enhance your wellness and sleep by guiding you through scientifically validated techniques from HeartMath, Neuro Science & Hypnosis that will help you reduce stress, reset your response to stress. Enjoy better sleep and improve your life.

Aisling and Ray will support and help you reset your Sleep Patterns that will help you slip into a deep and peaceful sleep.

You will get to experience relaxation from the inside out that will help reduce tiredness, anxiety, frustration, agitation and improve your sleep, clear the mental chatter, improve your memory processing concentration and stress response.

Improving your sleep and enhancing your Vitality! 

All the above will help those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, parenting overwhelm, work life balance, Insomnia and moreā€¦

Top tips to help you restore the quality of your sleep!

Mental or emotional stress is often overlooked when it comes to sleep problems and STRESS is a key factor in sleeplessness!

Are you out of sync with your sleep? Is Stress in the way of you enjoying a better sleep?

Please contact us for a personalised session of hypnosis that will help you get back into a natural sleep rhythm or visit our audio store and download A Good Nights Sleep that will help you gain a sense of wellbeing so that you can handle all situations that come your way, with great clarity and ease along with feeling refreshed and energised!

  1. Audio
  2. Benefits for You

This recording will help you:

  • Regenerate and Energise
  • Sleep deeply and peacefully
  • Gain a sense of wellbeing
  • Handle all situations that come your way!

Artist: - Aisling Killoran
Format: MP3

Track Length: 30.03

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