Stress Management


We all experience stress at different times in our lives. Stress and anxiety can build up within the body and mind and if not discharged can affect us in many ways both physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is important to know your own symptoms and tendencies, so you can be alert to the build-up of anxiety and tension within you.

If you ignore the stress symptoms for too long then you are in danger of being overwhelmed and being left In a situation that is often referred to as ‘Burn-Out’.

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Symptoms Of Stress Can Take Many Forms:-

Physical Stress:
Migraines, Headaches, Insomnia, Over-tiredness, Loss of appetite, Digestion issues

Mental Stress:
Poor concentration, Compulsive worry, Paranoid thoughts, Feeling like a victim
Behavioural Stress:
Pretending to care, Avoiding people, Avoiding environments, Turning to drink, Overeating

Emotional Stress:
Sudden mood swings, Struggling day to day, Floating Anxiety,  Hating Colleagues

"It's Not Stress That Kills Us; It Is Our Reaction To It"

Hans Selye, Pioneer Researcher

Aisling & Ray of Accomplish Change help you to become more relaxed, calmer, and to take control in dealing with uncomfortable challenges, in both the workplace and family situations.

Stress and Anxiety in the workplace or at home arises when the demands and expectations on a person exceed their capacity to meet those expectations.

Take Care of Yourself | Put YOURSELF First | Because YOU are Worth It!

Remember, you have a choice, don’t let, stress, negative emotions or anxiety get you down. Learn to manage it and to cope with the situations in your working and personal life.

Our expertise of Thirty years and Forty Thousand Clinical Hours lies in skill and using therapies that will EMPOWER YOU to change your life.

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