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Emotional Transformation works on the energy system which changes the feelings experienced or changes the entire “state of being” of a person. All disturbances, feelings, stress and anxiety that are energy system based are treatable with emotional development transformation techniques.

Emotional Transformation is non-invasive and elegant.

When we don't handle stress well, we feel that build up of pressure in the chest, head, and stomach accompanying the emotion of stress and anxiety. We connect with these disturbances each time we recall the distressing incident which in turn makes us feel uncomfortable.

Feel it... Acknowledge it... Release it... Get out of your head and into your Body!

With Emotional Transformation techniques you will be asked, "Where do you feel that in your body?" and with your thoughts and intention this energy will flow through and out so that when we return to the original thought there will be no more distress, rather, a new clarity and understanding which was not accessible when we were in our previous emotional state.

We realise that emotions are merely the feedback devices, the symptoms of blockages and disturbances in the body's subtle energy system.

Emotional Transformation can be applied to treat a wide range of anxiety, stress & emotional problems including:

Anger | Stress | Anxiety | Sadness | Emptiness | Heartache | Restlessness | Releasing Stuck Feelings | Shields and more...

We have found that Emotional Transformation also works beautifully when combined with any of our healing modalities that we use in our clinic.

Sylvia Hartmann Founder of Emotional Transformation, says that "once learned and experienced, is a LIFE SKILL. Being able to work with one's own energy system IN THE MOMENT, in real life, in direct response to the environment and the situations one finds oneself in, allows someone who knows about EmoTrance to protect themselves MUCH better, to handle emotions in a whole different way, and to extract joy and energy from the environment much more profoundly. This leads to a HEALTHIER energy system and a much HAPPIER human being - in any circumstance of modern life."

Emotional Transformation Technique is NATURAL and EASY TO LEARN

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